The best bullet journal hacks for a productive month.

Bullet Journaling is more than a trend.

I recently read an article on that said (and I’m paraphrasing) that regardless of the technology available to us for planning, journaling, and taking notes, they will not match the productivity and retention that we get from writing things down.

Even though I work in tech and part of my day job is to help companies enhance productivity through automation – I am still a notebook carrier. I have notebooks for every different subject, and I usually end up writing things down in the closest available book – which gets me in trouble more than I’d like.

This month, since it’s the last month before my baby gets here, I have a MILLION things going on in my head so I have committed to making a bullet journal.

Bullet journals are a one -notebook solution to getting all important information in one place. Unlike a planner, it’s customized by using a plain notebook and making a layout that is conducive to the user’s personal preferences. I’m starting with this leather cover professional notebook  from Amazon, but you can use any notebook that fits your personality.

To build my bullet journal, I have consulted my good friends, Google and Pinterest for the best bullet journal hacks for success and here is what I’ve found!

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Getting Started with Your Bullet Journal

Kalyn from has a great post on getting started with a bullet journal. She even has a video outlining the whole getting started process.

Full disclosure – mine will definitely NOT look this pretty!
Check out Kalyn’s full bullet journal post here.

These other articles have excellent “getting started” tips too!

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Bullet Journal Hacks has some excellent bullet journal hacks to help get you started including, layout suggestions including index alternatives, online order tracking, logs, and lists. I’m definitely pulling a ton of inspiration from it!

Other excellent sources for bullet journal hacks came from:

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I hope you found some good ideas for getting started with your bullet journal!

I, for one, know I’ll be on my way to an incredibly productive month using these helpful bullet journal hacks! If you need a little more inspiration though – scroll down a little and download my list of 40 ideas for your bullet journal!

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