Amazon Must-Haves for the Hospital Bag

I can’t believe it’s already time to pack my hospital bag!

Holy cow this pregnancy has gone by a lot faster than I can believe! Even though this is my second time around – it’s been 10 years since I’ve done this. My first hospital bag pretty much only had an outfit for me, an outfit for the baby and my shower things. This all worked just fine but if I could go back, I would have been better prepared with more items that would have made being in the hospital a little more comfortable.

Thankfully, now there are SO MANY online services that make getting ready for a baby much easier! I was able to get EVERYTHING I needed from Amazon and thanks to Pinterest, I’m ready to go when this baby is ready to make his debut! I’m excited to share to my finds with you! I’ve broken this list down into must haves for mom, baby, and dad.


Must-Haves for Mom

Having a baby is quite the ordeal when it comes to your body. You walk into the hospital as one person and out as two and whether you’re giving birth naturally or surgically, your body is completely different when you leave. That is why the list of stuff mama needs is MUCH more complex than dad and baby’s!

  • Travel Bag: This sturdy weekend bag is just the thing you need to pack all your goodies!
  • Nursing Nightgown: You do have the option of keeping a hospital gown on during your stay, but if you’re like me, you want to be comfy! I opted for the nightgown but pajama pants and a nursing tank would work just as well!
  • Nursing Bra: I packed 3 of these. Because if memory serves, I will probably go through them if my milk comes in nearly as quick as it did the first time!
  • Robe: Again, a hospital gown may be just fine, but I packed a robe in case I need to cover up for visitors!
  • Slippers: Hospitals give you those very stylish socks with grips on the bottom, but I packed some comfy ballerina slippers instead!
  • Underwear: Grab some of these preggo panties – and get them cheap because they will probably end up in the garbage. You will probably just end up wearing the super hot paper panties for the first few days but these cotton panties will be good for the journey home!
  • Breast Pads: You’re gonna need them. I have stocked up a bunch of disposable pads for the inside of my nursing bra and I have a ton at home too.
  • Nipple Cream: whether you’re breastfeeding or not, get some nipple cream or lanolin oil because those babies are going to need it either way!
  • Blow Dryer/Curling Iron: I packed these just because I remember how good it felt the day I left the hospital to do my hair!
  • Dry Shampoo: This is for the pictures you know are coming right after the little one arrives. Call me vain but I would like to do what I can to avoid looking oily when visitors arrive and pull their phones out!
  • Toiletries: I’ve spent enough time in the hospital to safely say pack your own shower stuff! The hospital will have their own for you but I know any time I got stuck using it, I didn’t feel very fresh afterward. Use what you like, you’ll thank yourself for it I promise!

Must-Haves for Dad

Dads are much easier when it comes to hospital prep because it’s easier to make him comfortable. Here are a few guidelines but it’s really up to him to bring what he thinks he will need. Labor can be long so it’s best to be comfortable.

  • Pajamas/Comfy Pants: Like I said, labor can be long so it’s important for him to be comfortable.
  • Toiletries: Whether he is staying through the hospital stay or not, he will definitely want to be able to clean up too. Make sure he has what he needs if he wants to wash up, take his contacts out, etc.
  • Comfy Socks/Slippers: He probably won’t want to keep his shoes on the whole time, so make sure his feet are comfy on those cold floors!
  • Pillow(s): Hospital pillows are not comfortable at all! Have a few ready to go for him.

Must-haves for baby

Okay I know the hospital will provide what the baby needs for the stay. But just in case I have the opportunity to use some of these things, I’ve made sure to pack the diaper bag with a few things as well as having the essentials for getting him home.

  • Diaper bag: This is essential. Bring the diaper bag and keep it pretty much empty so you can stock up when the nursing cart comes in and before you go home!
  • Newborn Shirts/Onesies: Again, they will probably have these at the hospital, but just in case…
  • Hats/Mittens/Socks: You will want to make sure you have these for the ride home!
  • Sleepers: These aren’t likely to get used but I packed a few just in case!
  • Going Home Clothes: Obviously you need these. Also maybe an extra outfit if your hospital has a photographer that comes around to take newborn photos!
  • Blanket: I’m delivering in October so it might be cool outside. I packed a fleece blanket as a cover up for the ride home.
  • Nursing Pillow: Ok this is the one thing I didn’t have with my son that I know I definitely need! A nursing pillow is so much easier to use than trying to keep a baby propped up for feeding especially when you’re still worn out from delivery!
  • Carseat: You can’t leave the hospital without it so make sure you get a good one!